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Quechua Week 2010

Quechua Week is an event series produced by CLACS that celebrates Quechua language and cultures. Quechua/Kichwa is an indigenous language spoken by a millions of people in the Andean region in South America. Quechua language and cultural practices are also present in many other parts of the world – including New York City. The events of Quechua Week range in format and span a broad range of topics – from language rights and policies to the use of YouTube in fostering international exchange. Quechua Week aims to highlight issues that are relevant to the Andean region and to the international community, to provide educational materials about and to foster an appreciation for Quechua/Kichwa language and cultures. All events are free and open to the public, and will include the English, Spanish and Quechua/Kichwa languages as noted.

Quechua Week 2010 is sponsored by the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS) at Columbia University, the NYU Native Peoples Forum, the NYU Steinhardt Metropolitan Center for Urban Education NYS SBETAC, and the NYU Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Quechua Week is supported by the National Museum of the American Indian, the NYU Department of Cinema Studies, Pachamama Peruvian Arts, the UN Peruvian Cultural Club, and CinemaTropical.

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