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NYU PeruFest 2012

PeruFest - Screenings of "Kasa okupada," "Sinmute," "Gracias por la música, Perú," "Reminiscencias," "Q'eros. Hombres de altura," and "La vida es una sola"

Monday, April 23, 2012, 2:30 p.m.

Auditorium of King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center, 53 Washington Square South, New York University, New York, NY 10012 (map)


Read more about "Kasa okupada / Okupied Houze," Rafael Arévalo, 2010. (66’)

Read more about "Sinmute," Javier Bellido y Ana Balcázar, 2008. (52’)

Read more about "Gracias por la música, Perú / Thank You for the Music, Peru," Tilsa Otta, 2011. (30’)


Read more about "Reminiscencias / Reminiscences," Juan Daniel Molero, 2010. (84’). This screening will be followed by a Q and A with Director Juan Daniel Molero.


Read more about "Q’eros: Hombres de altura / Q’eros: Men of Height," Róger Neyra, 2009. (14’)

Read more about "La vida es una sola / You Only Live Once," Marianne Eyde, 1992. (84’)

PeruFest is a pioneer event series in New York City, being the first festival to be dedicated exclusively to Peruvian Cinema. PeruFest 2012 is titled "Cinema and Memory of the Internal Armed Conflict in Peru." Founded in April, 2010, PeruFest presents the most recent cinematographic productions of the new generation of Peruvian directors. The Artistic Director and Founder of PeruFest is Claudia Salazar. All films have English subtitles. Admission to all screenings is free and open to the general public with valid ID.
Visit the PeruFest website for more information and to watch trailers for the films.