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Research Colloquium Series - Spring 2014

Each semester, CLACS hosts a Research Colloquium series which combines a graduate level course with a speaker series. The course is co-taught by faculty of distinct disciplines, bringing together different academic fields of study. The event series invites top scholars from around the world to present current research to the NYU community as well as the general public. These cutting-edge themed colloquium series and conferences are the result of faculty working groups.

The title for the Spring 2014 Colloquium series is "Whither the Caribbean? Critical Perspectives on History, Politics, and Culture."

The culture and history of the Caribbean islands will be at the center of this interdisciplinary colloquium. This distinguished speaker series will be organized around key moments of Caribbean history: slavery and the struggles against it, colonialism and independence movements, U.S. occupations, dictatorships, and revolutionary movements, the massive growth of a Caribbean diaspora, and the transformation of the Caribbean islands into so many tourist destinations. We will explore some of the most influential approaches to the Caribbean in cultural studies, anthropology, and history.

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